EPS Crusher And Shredder Machine

Why EPS Recycling is Important?

EPS is a versatile material, which is used for various purposes in diverse industries. Stretches to Expanded Polystyrene, EPS is a light yet strong material, used for the packaging of electronic goods and foods, production of toys, and in many other industries. In the construction industry, it is used for creating thermal insulation in building.

Expanded Polystyrene is a very polluting material, which is prepared from petroleum products, and is a non-sustainable and non-renewable commodity.

Considering the aforementioned instances of environmental impacts of EPS, it is becomes a necessity to lower its production, and use it smartly.

EPS Recycling

EPS, technically, is not a recyclable material, but it can be reshaped, repurposed and reused. At recycling plants, there are used different kinds of EPS recycling machines that prepare the waste to be reused as required by the industry clients.

EPS crusher is one of the best EPS recycling machines. Harden Industries can offer this kind of machine. EPS crusher is used to crush waste EPS to small pieces (25-50 mm). The EPS flakes can be reused for cushion application.

EPS particle
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