EPS Crusher And Shredder Machine


EPS foam crusher machine is used to shredding EPS blocks for extrusion pelletizing and further recycling. It can reduce the volume of polystyrene foam, which come from  packaging material, insulation board, cut-offs from modeling. This crushing machine shred the big peaces into smaller 10*10mm  flakes, which can be a replacement of peanuts for cushion packaging and can be easily feed into extruders to make pellets.

China EPS crushing machine has high efficient motor, and sharp blade for cutting hard and high density EPS waste into particle size in 10*10mm.

Just throw the Styrofoam boxes into the machine hopper. The cutting knives break the foam boxes into smaller flakes. An optional screen under the crushing chamber and out-feed flakes of size 1”/1.6”/2.4”. The Styrofoam flakes is collected in the plastic bag, which can be used for cushion applications or extrusion pelletizing.

EPS crushing machine is used in mailing centers, packaging shops, and EPS recycling centers. Inaddition, it can also shred plastic material including EPS, PS, PE ingots and compressed EPS ingots, etc.

Siedon’s EPS foam crusher is made in China with a very competitive price.

Features of foam Crusher Machine: 

  •  Low speed, low noise, high throughput
  •  Modular construction, maintenance parts are easily exchangeable
  •  High efficient motor, and sharp blader according to applications


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China EPS Crushing Machine

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