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Styrofoam is a really economical product in various markets such as building and construction as well as packaging. Consequently, the demand for Styrofoam reusing handling has always been high in the field of Styrofoam production cutting as well as recycling. Due to the fact that all structures call for thermal insulation, this has caused a huge need for EPS in the commercial industry.

At the same time, due to the quick development of express and fast food businesses, the need for Styrofoam in the field of daily consumer goods is additionally terrific. These wide applications make the Styrofoam recycling an extremely essential thing for every nation as well as every recycler.

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styrofoam shredder

In fact, individuals have objective to recycle waste Styrofoam and consider it as a benefit for sources and for the setting. In many nations, particularly in the establishing nations, many recyclers pick to burn Styrofoam directly, which would certainly contaminate the environment as well as do harm to wellness. Several of them also do not have permission license or environmental recycling tools.

In such a loosened, messy, unclean standing, it is also hard for foam recycler to head to a professional recycling market. Besides, recyclers generally afford high transportation as well as storage cost as a result of the huge volume of Styrofoam items. As a result, Styrofoam shredder is an option selection for foam waste recycling.

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For example, one of the manufacturer in North America, had problem to discover an effective option for their Styrofoam recycling, until introduce Siedon’s Styrofoam shredder. This equipment is particularly created as what they required, which can press the EPS sheet in a high efficiency without transforming the properties of materials.

As revealed, Siedon Styrofoam shredder has high reusing proportion as well as simple to run. The compressed product via Siedon Styrofoam shredder is simple to shop and transportation for conserving expense. We are expecting giving expert remedy for each plastic foam recycler.

Video of Styrofoam Shredder model FS180:

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