EPS Crusher And Shredder Machine

EPS Products and EPS Recycling

EPS products are widely used as packing material to protect goods from damage while in transit. There are four main types of EPS packaging materials that are commonly used.

1. Foam plates, cups and trays. These are made from expanded polystyrene foam in the same process that is used to make expanded polystyrene blocks.

2. EPS blocks – used in the shipment of large equipment such as computers and other household appliances.

3. EPS packing peanuts. Used in the shipment of small items as box packing fill.

4. EPS containers. Some supermarket packaging is made from polystyrene such as the small individual serving yogurt pots and some pre-packaged fruit or vegetable containers. These have #6 plastic number inside the chasing arrows recycling symbol stamped on the bottom of the container or pot.

EPS Recycling

Although the EPS used in meat trays cannot be recycled, the EPS used in shipping boxes, to protect the items inside, can be readily recycled.

The easiest way to recycle EPS is to either drop it off at a local recycling center or place it out for curbside pickup. Because polystyrene is so light, it is a fairly economical solution.

Another way is to recycle and reuse EPS yourself. The solutions, as in the case of recycling polystyrene, are not always easy. Therefore, it is necessary to depend on special polystyrene recycling equipment to recycle polystyrene.

Here I recommend one kind of EPS recycling machine: EPS crusher. EPS crusher is used to crush polystyrene package to small pieces (25-50 mm). The EPS flakes can be reused for cushion application.

EPS Recycling
EPS Recycling
EPS Flakes

Features of EPS Crusher

  • Designed for profitable recycling of polystyrene (EPS) waste.
  • Reduce the volume of foam waste by 2 to 3 times.
  • Low noise (max. 75db).
  • Dust free operation with two low speed shafts.
  • The granulated material can be discharged into a plastic bag or directly into underlying container.
  • Size of the output material can be varied with use of screens.
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