EPS Crusher

EPS Crusher is an EPS recycling machine used for crushing EPS into specify size. Different EPS flakes size has different applications. FS series EPS crushers supplied by Siedon are specially for crushing EPS into small pieces of size 20-60mm.

Siedon Tech provide complete solution for EPS packaging material recycling from crushing, compatcing, to extrusion pelletizing. Recycled polystyrene can be used to make plastics-wood composite material, picture frames, and injection moulded products such as coat hanger,etc.

EPS crushers are used to crush EPS blocks efficiently. The knives inside the machine will crush the large EPS blocks into small pieces of sizes 10-60mm.

Also, it mainly used in EPS products recycling. For example, after crushed, the EPS flakes can be used in replacement of peanuts as cushion material for packing fragile products. Due to the EPS foam has fire and waterproof function, which can be mixed with cement there to make brick, as a construction material finally.

EPS Crusher Machine Features

  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise and low dust
  • Small size and high efficiency


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EPS crusher

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