Styrofoam Crushing machine For EPS Products

The Styrofoam crushing machine is suitable for the leftover materials, waste materials or recycled materials of EPS product manufacturers. The Styrofoam crusher is used to separate the EPS block materials at the connection part. After crushing and screening, the particle size is uniform, full and less dust. Mixing with fresh pre-expanded particles and then molding again to prepare EPS products of various specifications.

Styrofoam Crusher
EPS shredding
Styrofoam Crushing Machine
Styrofoam Crushing Machine

Features of Styrofoam Crushing machine:

1. The design is novel and the working efficiency is high. The unique feeding crushing structure is adopted, and various crushing cavities are provided, so that the finished product has excellent grain shape and reasonable grading, and the working efficiency is improved.

2. The finished product has uniform particle size and excellent particle shape. The finished product has good grain shape, reasonable gradation, adjustable fineness modulus, improved shaping effect by 30% compared with the traditional equipment, automatic detection and reliable quality.

3. The dust remover is used to remove the dust and particles from the recycled materials.

4. The mixer is used to mix the recovered material and the fresh material in a certain proportion.

5. The crusher is matched with the dust remover and the mixer to form a complete Styrofoam recycling machine.

Technical Data:

Model  FF SeriesFF850FF1000FF1300FF1600
Moter Power   kW4+7.55.5+117.5+1111+18.5
Shred Size  mm5-155-155-155-15
Hopper Size  mm850*5001000*5001300*5001600*600
Capacity  kg/h50-7080-150100-180150-250
Machine Size  mm1600*1700*18001800*1900*18002000*1900*18002350*2100*2000
Machine Weight   kg80095012001400
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