EPS Food Containers Can be Recycled

EPS Food Containers Can be Recycled

EPS food containers can be recycled.  In our daily life, we can see vast majority of EPS food-service products are used in commercial districts. However, there is no collection of eps for recycling, as EPS food containers are typically not “clean” enough to be recycled.

EPS Food Containers can be recycledPlus, the high costs of collecting, sorting, and transporting this big volume EPS make the EPS food containers recycling even harder.

All these problems can be solve with EPS food containers size reduce. To reuse the EPS containers  is not the only way to recycling. Reduce the size of EPS food containers is an other good choice you see. Now, in the EPS recycling area please will shred all this contaminated EPS containers into pellets, then reusing them many ways, such as filler in planting, sofa, using as building material, fireproof material, insulation material, waterproofing material, etc.

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