Mini Plastic Crusher

Mini Plastic Crushers offer a solution to the non-degradable industrial plastic wastes disposal in that they reduce them to tiny granules about 15mm below. These bits of plastic are later sent to plastic recyclers who recycle them into useful objects.

Small Plastic Crusher Applications

Siedon is  a China manufacturer, which can customized plastic crusher for crushing different plastic, synthetics materials like injection moulding, blow molding parts, roto molding film and extrusion pieces, etc. Plastic type can be PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU and PET. Siedon plastic crusher are used from small scale factory to large plastic manufacturers.

Plastic Crusher, like all other kinds of Crushers, can be configured in a variety of sizes, drive options, and cutter configurations. This Plastic Crusher configured by an electric motor connected to a rotor, which is further attached to some sharp metallic blades. These machines come in a variety of sizes to suit one’s scale of operations.

Mini Plastic Crusher Features

  • Optimized structure.
  • Cutting chamber made of high rigidity material, after processing by CNC machine, has the features like high intensity, super wear-ability, no contamination, long service life and easy for maintenance and repairing.
  • The initial cut-off point of machine with cutting chamber design is high, applicable to grind thick walled objects and sheet.
  • Paddle blades design allows increased efficiency.
  • The cutters are made of imported high quality steel featuring wear-ability, high rigidity and reusable after sharpening.
  • The “V”type designed rotor can push the material to the middle of the rotor and crush the material continuously. This structure can avoid material jam, sticking on the wall and the heat by friction.
mini plastic crushing machine

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