EPS Crusher And Shredder Machine


Siedon Foam grinders are designed to grind EPS foam materials into uniform pieces for easier processing. Like all other kinds of shredders, EPS grinder can be designed in many configurations.

Different EPS flakes size has different applications. The FS and FG series EPS Grinders are designed for crushing EPS into small pieces of size 3-10mm.

For  smaller Foam flakes size. Foam Grinding machine is an optimum solution for recycling all waste EPS or EPP. EPS grinder can use in EPS waste, such as EPS boards, EPS sheets, EPS blocks and EPS boxes.

Foam Grinder Functions

An efficient two shaft pre-breaker crushed the waste EPS, and the flakes drop into the grinder, and the EPS waste grinder crushed the flakes into a smaller piece 3-10mm, and the blower conveys the final particle to a silo.

EPS Grinder Recycling Equipments are mainly used in EPS、EPP、EPE recycling of EPS、EPP、EPE size reduction. After crushed, EPS flakes can be made different products, such as building materials, fireproofing material and waterproof material, etc.

  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise and low dust
  • Small size and high efficiency

Foam Grinding Machine Specifications

(FS Series)

[table id=2 \]

(FG Series)

[table id=3 \]

EPS foam grinder

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