EPS Crusher And Shredder Machine

EPS Waste Recycling Machine

High Output

We have achieved the production of 50~500 kg/h for the EPS crusher machine.

High Quality


Siedon EPS foam crusher/grinder offer a solution to the problem of EPS foam disposal, which can reduce them to manageable size 10mm-50mm. Perfect for someone who has scrap EPS foam from protection cushions, post parcels and other fragile glass/ceramic ware transportation. Largest output can be  180kg/h.

Why Choose Us

Siedon’s high-quality eps foam crusher machines have stable quality, making it a sought-after item in the recycling market.

Factory Price

Mass Production reduce production lead times and take over long-term development goals

15 Years of Experience

We started the crusher manufactoring at 2009 years and our parent company is a company which produce large solid waste recycling machine.

Quality assurance

We can offer the certificate and 2 years warranty

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